Free State brewery

Mark and I enjoyed lunch here today. On a sunny day during the week it feels just like playing hooky from school.


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Practice sketch

This is a sketch of a building in Balboa Park in San Diego. I did not draw it on site but I’m feeling a little tired today and am just practicing my sketching skills inside. I took this photo last January when I was thrilled to be in 78 degree weather while it was -15 here! Today it’s 61 and sunny. Enjoyable but weird.


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Sketching at Starbucks

I took this photo with the sun slanting over it because that’s similar to the feel that I got in the coffee shop. On location with BFF Liza in downtown Lawrence, KS.


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View from the top


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In case you’re wondering…

I’m joining into a group of Urban Sketchers, who make note of their surroundings, on the spot and one drawing at a time!
These buildings on KU’s West Campus near my house are quite a contrast. I love them both.


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Paisano’s Ristorante

This is one of the places my husband and I used to go when we were dating. I had lunch there today with my younger daughter and her new beau. The food wasn’t as good but the company was delightful!


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Henry T. Davis graveyard

This is a tiny graveyard tucked into a developed area of town. Henry T. Davis and his family were homesteaders in Lawrence during Quantrill’s raid, an early but significant battle that presaged the Civil War. Their graveyard remains, behind Henry T’s restaurant–great wings, btw–and this is a partial detail. The large stone is Henry T.’s.


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