Taking myself seriously…

I took a deep breath yesterday and committed. Oh, sure, I’ve been working my ass off making this and that for the Bizarre Bazaar, but somewhere in the back of my mind was that little voice saying, “you can still back out…” But NO. I will not. I sent in the orders for my clear display bags, I ordered my stainless steel cables for my luggage tags, and I’ve been working to pull together a “business” identity. And here it is…Media Mixup: A delicious swirl of artforms. I’ve gotten a Media Mixup facebook page (as yet empty), this blog, and a similarly named email account, Mediamixupartist (the closest I can get). (An etsy shop is on the horizon, just a tiny speck…)

I’m homing in on my identity–mixed media artist with a sense of humor, influenced by the work of women, etc. Sooooo, now to work on logos. My friend Liza plans to help me with a vintage mixer image, which I hope will be my major and enduring logo. I am working to really commit to this identity, to making and selling art as part of my life, and to spending time with other artists as part of the process. It’s an exciting and frightening process. What do I give up to make space for this? How do I manage my energy to leave room? Who will this new person be?

Birthing pains are a bitch, people.

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