Markers are Magic

Channeling Frida

So, I’m really working hard on a number of projects…I’ve started a watercolor class with Diana Dunkley, and I’m making a bunch of stuff for the Bizarre Bazaar. I continue to enjoy working with paper and markers. I grew up out in the country, in Northeast Kansas, and at that time, we were over an hour from the nearest city. My choice of art supplies was limited to what was available at Duckwall’s or Greene’s drugs. That meant crayons, colored pencils, magic markers, and prang watercolors. I swooned when DoodleArt posters were introduced, and began a lifelong love affair with Greek mythology after my mom bought me the mythology DoodleArt poster. I was already a Tolkien geek, with my frizzy hair, thick glasses, full-metal-jacket braces and my Gandalf  T-shirt (oh to have that shirt now, collectors!), so the dragons, unicorns, gorgons, and satyrs were right up my alley. I loved the vivid colors of the markers and the soft transparency of the watercolors. Last winter, I signed up for a couple online classes that were marker-based

  • Shades of Grey
  • Calligra-fun

I took both of these on the excellent Creative Workshops site on the Ning network.  ( They offer fun inexpensive classes with downloadable reference sheets and high quality video. You work at your own pace. I learned a lot and was exposed to the new breed of markers…Pitt Pens in shades of grey and black, and Zig Brushables, dual end, tonal color combo markers. It was just like coming home. Once again, I spent hours doodling, drawing, and coloring, lost to the rest of the world and my life, just in the flow. I created a lot of fun work. One of my shades of grey assignments is the header of this blog right now (coneflowers) and the little Frida character is another creation. Not high art, certainly, but what joy they brought to me while creating them. I am still exploring other markers, some of which are spectacular but expensive (Copics, I’m talking about you!) and I’m enjoying myself thoroughly. I sure wish I still had my Gandalf  T shirt, though. That would make my world complete.

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